24-Aug-2010: The Lost Realm of Anoria Lives!

The Lost Realm of Anoria LIVES 

Not all is lost in Anoria. After a hiatus of almost 5 years the project has received a kiss of life and is rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

Albeit the focus has changed. The original project was overambitious in its scope as we strived to create the complete engine and the game from scratch with a small team of hobbyists. It probably was doomed from the start to never reach either finish line .

The revived Lost Realm of Anoria MMO project is being built on the solid foundation of a proven commercial grade MMO solution, namely BigWorld Technology. We are using the limited scope Indie edition that has just recently been made available as it provides the project with everything we need at an affordable price. What has not changed though is the open source approach! We still make basicall all of the code (for BigWorld its all Python scripting) available for anyone interested!

Sounds interesting? Then visit us at the new Lost Realm of Anoria Homepage

  24-Apr-2005: No further development.

Project orphaned 

This project has been orphaned for quite some time now. Day job work and family requirements together with some realisations I have made concerning the genre have caused me to cease any further work on it. If you are interested in taking over (and know how do do this within the sourceforge framework) feel free to contact me.

Some of my reasons for giving up on this as well as a downloadable package containing the predecessor to this project (a simple but functional 2D graphical MUD of sorts) can be found on my private homepage.

  12-Jul-2002: New release (A04) available

Version A04 is now available for download. As mentioned in earlier news, this is mostly a bug fix release. 

It does contain the new network auto patching system though and that alone should be worth instaling this version if you plan to login from time to time in order to check our progress.

  12-Jul-2002: News  

 The next release (A04) should be available sometime next week. This will mostly be a bug fix release. A03 had a much higher number of downloads then we ever had before. Resulting was a high amount of connections to the testserver. That means we got a good deal of testing in. That of course also means that quite a few issues ;) have crept up. A04 should fix most of those.

Additionaly we will include our new network patching system with this release. So, from A04 on there will be no more need to download and install the complete package for each release. The test game client and media will be kept up to date automatically. 

For the source code though you will need to still download the normal release packages or access the CVS for the most up to date code. 

  05-Jul-2002: Forums changed again  

 After only two weeks we have once more changed our Forum Software. The one in use now (YaBB) is so awesome though that its very likely that this was the final change in that area. 

   28-Jun-2002: A03 is here!  

Version A03 is now available for download. This latest version of the SDK and demo applications offers many improvements

  • more API functions now available to scripts
  • improved keyboard support
  • engine objects support customizable userAttribute sets
  • new demonstration scripts included
  • demo client supports full screen display modes
   21-Jun-2002: Website update  

I have finally gotten around to do a few changes to the website. The links in the contents frame on the left side now are somewhat easier to read and what is behind them  offers more useful information and services , I hope :) 

I have also installed a much easier to use, less restrictive discussion forum software. Feel free to visit there and post whatever you would like to say with regards to the project.