So, you have been playing MUDs for ages? Or one of the big commercial Online Multiplayer Games? And you always thought: I wished I could build my own World !

Well, thats exactly what this project is about: Building a system that enables creative people to build their own Multiplayer Online Worlds. A system powerful enough to allow many simultaneous users to be online in the hosted world. A system that is fully configurable and flexible enough to allow world builders to create a wide variety of online worlds. Ranging from Fantasy Roleplaying Games to Strategical Wargames. Or online Museums. Or a virtual online  Showroom. Or ...

Build whatever you can imagine!      

The Lost Realm of Anoria (LROA) is the name of the Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game being developed by Realm of Anoria Productions (ROAP). Three years ago we have started with the  development of a fully  playable 2D prototype game. This has allowed us to build the skillsets, libraries and tools required in order to build this new system that can drive an internet hosted, virtual world and let massive amounts of users take part in it.

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